The goal of the social service department at Montrose Clinic is to support the mental and physical health of Montrose Clinic primary care patients. Social service staff members help patients understand how to get the most benefit from their healthcare at Montrose Clinic. They also help patients understand how to utilize services for people with HIV/AIDS in the Houston area. 

Listed below are the social service programs and services at Montrose Clinic.

Medical Care Coordination
Medical Care Coordinators are social workers that help patients manage their care at Montrose Clinic. These social workers help patients cope with challenges to taking HIV medication, communicate patient needs to other Montrose Clinic programs and connect patients to additional support services outside of the clinic. more...

PCM – Prevention Case Management 
The PCM program at Montrose Clinic is an opportunity for patients to discuss in depth their sexual health with a social worker. PCM counseling sessions provide a non-judgmental place to discuss sexual activity, disclosing HIV status to sexual partners and reducing the risk of HIV transmission. more...

HIV+ Gay Men’s Support Group in Spanish and English 
Weekly support groups at Montrose Clinic are an opportunity to talk to other HIV+ men about issues that arise in living long term with HIV. 

Grupo de Apoyo en Espanol y Ingles para Hombres Homosexuales con el VIH 
Grupos de apoyo se encuentran cada semana en Montrose Clinic y le dan la oportunidad de hablar con otros hombres con el VIH de consecuencias que se presentan viviendo un termino largo con el VIH. 

Services Sociales para Clientes que hablan Espanol en Montrose Clinic
Montrose Clinic tiene trabajadores sociales que se llaman Coordinadores de Custodia Medica que hablan Espanol. La meta del Departamento de Servicios Sociales en Montrose Clinic es de apoyar la salud mental y fisica del paciente del cuidado primario. El personal de servicios sociales ayudan los pacientes a comprender como usar los servicios para gente con el VIH en Houston.

Information de Services Sociaux a Montrose Clinic 
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Lesbian Health 
Lesbians have many health and mental health concerns. Lesbians are faced with issues of discrimination, dealing with sexuality, external and internalized homophobia, the “coming-out” process, and because of this some deal with depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol use. more...

Gay and Bisexual Men’s Health 
Gay and bisexual men face unique challenges in their experience and maintenance of good health. more...

Transgender Women and Men’s Health
Transgender women and men often face many challenges in creating and maintaining accepting and supportive lives and communities. more...

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